Friday, May 29

Private Log Entry, 29.5.111

Yet again, I screwed up.

Koro and I have this thing we do on one of the public FTL comms channels, specifically the one called "Summit"... it's nothing more than a joke, really.

So one night a new pilot poses a question about how the capsule interface changes your perception of your body -- specifically, how certain ships make you feel larger or smaller, faster or slower, stuff like that -- and I made a crack about how after being in the Uraha for the better portion of a day I keep looking behind me to see if my backside has grown any larger. Koro follows this up with a comment about how it is larger, I responded with a sarcastic quip, we went back and forth with it for a bit... and then someone made a comment about how the "married couple" should take it to private comms.

Which only encouraged us further, as we were already laughing in another channel about the whole thing. It's been "our" joke for the last week or two, and it's mostly for our entertainment than anything else; we've specifically been going with it to make fun of a couple of the more outspoken... idiots... on the Summit.

Anyway... we were heckling each other in the same fashion on the Summit the other day... and didn't realize that Aurora was listening to that channel. Needless to say... she didn't know it was a joke, got upset, cut comms and refused to talk to either of us.

Koro said he'd "deal with it" and went to go find her.

I met up with Koro later at the Skyhook, and he said he'd cleared things up -- she'd been crying when she found him, and smiling when she left. We talked a bit more... about what little of that he would tell me, and some other things... and I made an offhand comment about how cold my hands were.

He called Miss Subaka over, thinking it might be a remaining side effect from the boosters, and she took a look at me, asked me more questions about... that weekend. Short of it was that if anything was still in my system causing trouble, it was the Crystal Egg, and that the best I could do was drink lots of water and see if my CMO could get me a prescription for a detox drink. She left after that... and Koro and I just went back to making idle chit-chat.

Some Achuran lady came in and Koro got up to talk to her... I finished my tea and was ready to leave, so I stopped by to say goodbye... and he gave me a picture he'd gotten of Aurora smiling. It's silly, I know... but I find that looking at a picture of her when she's smiling calms me down and helps me relax.

I went to the Gate after that, figuring perhaps I'd see Amaterasu and Reimei; after all, I had promised Ama that I'd get her a little bit of cider to try -- with Reimei's permission, of course -- but neither of them were there, so I ended up talking to Cia and Math'ra instead. Cia was glad to hear that I was feeling better after my "booster incident"... but Math'ra hadn't heard about it so I had to repeat the story yet again... I really just want these bruises to go away so I don't have to talk about it.

We changed the subject, and Ama and Reimei came up... and then all of a sudden my datapad started beeping... and it was Ama.

She was in trouble, and something about Reimei... being dead... and... I don't know... my mind just shut down. I don't really remember much after that... Math'ra left, I think to try and find her... somewhere in Caldari space... somewhere I can't go. Cia took me home a little while after... and here I am...

I have to call Math'ra tomorrow... see if he found her... but I can't be of any help if Idon't sleep...

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