Saturday, May 23

Private Log Entry, 23.5.111 - 2

Ugh... my eyes are still a little wonky. The lights in my quarters are on at about ten percent brightness and it still feels like it's too bright in here. My hands have stopped twitching, though.

I spoke to Koro briefly over at the Skyhook last night; he didn't have any ideas where I could have gotten the boosters into my system, but he said that the bruising on my wrists looked like "bondage" bruising. I didn't even bother asking why he'd even know what that would look like, but it's perfectly possible, I guess... I just can't see how I would have ended up in a place where that would have happened. Certainly not under my own free will, but then... if the drugs were in my system first... who knows what could have happened after that.

I came back to the Uraha after that, and after a shower I decided to poke around on some of the comms channels; perhaps there would be someone to talk to, maybe Aldrith. Instead I found Miss Roth... Cia, that is. I haven't seen Camillle since that afternoon in Rens. She asked how I was doing, and I stupidly answered that I'd "been better"... she became concerned, and pressed me for the details. I didn't really want to bother her with all of it... I knew she'd been under a lot of stress herself lately, but I like her, and she really seemed to want to know, so I told her what I knew and could remember.

She contacted me privately shortly thereafter, and said she had a question she thought she should keep private... she told me about how a girl she knew in school had had a similar experience... I think it was almost as awkward for her to ask as it was for me to answer.

"... did your CMO run a  ... did she run a sexual assault kit?"

She indeed had -- and had found nothing -- so I reassured Cia that that was the case. I wasn't sure if she'd processed my clothing, though, so I hastily added that I'd ask the doctor to check it. I mean, she probably had checked it without me noticing, but maybe there were tests she could do that would need me to be out of my clothing.

Cia also said I should look into getting some security, or at least having someone I trust around me at all times... I didn't like the idea of having guards escorting me around much... and well, that's why I hang out with Aurora and Aldrith... I trust them both completely... and I love Aurora with everything I have. But I can't be around them all the time... perhaps I should be spending time in a more... what's the word... policed, perhaps... environment? Just in case?

Maybe the Gate would be safer than the Sisters... much as I love it, it doesn't have a pair of .50-cal turrets sitting over the entrance, or a security checkpoint. It can't hurt to try it for a while, I guess. Who knows, maybe I'll see someone I know. I have run into Ami and Cia the last several times I've been.

I thanked Cia, and she ended the call. I took the clothing I'd been wearing down to the medical bay and gave it to the doctor. She said she'd check it and get back to me later. I went back to my quarters, shut off the lights, and went to sleep.

And I just woke up a little while ago... and seeing as I'm currently not allowed to get into my pod, I'm stuck walking around on my own two feet or taking the Interbus somewhere. I really should find some way to amuse myself until the side-effects wear off and I can see properly again...

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