Saturday, May 23

Private Log Entry, 23.5.111

What the hell happened today?

I remember being in the Sisters, having a mail conversation with Miss Shantath... and then I remember being escorted to the ship's medical bay when one of the capsule technicians alerted Susie that I was behaving "abnormally" as I was about to climb into the pod. Apparently I'd not only forgotten the names of him and his partner -- Soran and Beren, respectively -- but I was also "seeing things" and didn't appear to be concerned about that at all.

The CMO made me lie down on an examination bed and ran a few tests. Apparently I had some boosters in my system -- specifically, the two known on the narcotics market as "blue pill" and "crystal egg" -- and they were the cause of the abnormal behavior that Soran had reported. She says that it'll be several hours, possibly even a day, before my system is back to normal, and that because of some of the side effects I'm still experiencing -- specifically, dilated pupils and occasional twitching in my hands -- I should avoid bright lights and activities that require fine motor skills. Walking around is okay, so I may go for a walk around the station later, or to the Gate if I'm feeling up to it.

She also said I have some strange bruises on my neck that, at the very least, I couldn't have given to myself. There were also some bruises on my wrists, but those could have been self-inflicted, possibly from a hallucination. But I don't remember how I could have possibly gotten them, or where, so... I dunno...

Still... the last thing I remember was talking to Miss Shantath, and my Neocom records indicate she sent me information on how to get to her place, and she had said she'd wanted to talk about something, and Susie said she had authorized the purchase of a round-trip InterBus ticket to Ashab for me, where Miss Shantath had said her house was, and that I had been there.

I wonder what it was she wanted to talk about. Whatever it was that we did talk about, assuming I even arrived there in the first place...

I can't really ask her if she gave me the boosters or if I got those bruises while I was there, or if I even was there, though. It'd be impolite, and I don't have any real proof any of it happened while I was there, again, assuming I even was at her place. It could have happened somewhere else either on the way there or on the way back. It could have been anyone or anything that got those boosters into my system and got those weird bruises on my neck and wrists.

I only really know one thing for certain, though.

It sure as hell wasn't me.

I know better.

... Right?

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