Wednesday, September 9

Private Video Log, 9.9.111 - Bookmarks

Morwen appears in front of a metallic green background, her shoulder-length hair down and appearing slightly damp. She looks intently at and around the camera, her hands out of view on either side of the lens' field of vision, presumably interacting with the camera drone's physical controls. The colors flicker a little and the image goes a little out of focus for a moment, but then they right themselves. She tilts her head a little, then nods slightly to herself, pushing the drone away just a bit before stepping back a few meters herself, giving the camera a full view of its current interest. Morwen is dressed in a black podsuit mottled with patches of a green color several shades greyer than whatever is behind her.


One of those things that everyone should have, even if not in a literal, but a more figurative sense. Even better if you can get both, right?

I've found the latter, here in Ghost Festival.

She laughs.

Well, not here per se, we're based in Goinard with Veto, not all the way up in Duripant where I am now. But I've only been here barely a day, and I already feel more welcome here than anywhere else I've ever been. Most of my closest friends -- Family, now -- are here. Ama, Aria, Inara, Kimochi, Reppy... and of course, Lilly.

A small smile crosses her face as the last name leaves her lips.

I know I probably gush about her enough as it is, but I can't help it. Sure, we might be going through a bit of a rough spot right now thanks to that horrifically stupid mistake of mine a couple weeks ago, but I'm infinitely happier having her by my side than I would be without her. I love her, and I don't know what I'd do without her; I can't even imagine life like that anymore.

Morwen sighs a little, then moves a bit, running her fingers against the object in the background. The camera drone adjusts its focus and floats backwards a bit, giving a better view of what turns out to be a Velator-class frigate held securely in dry-dock. Morwen's expression shifts, towards something that appears to be more thoughtful as her fingers run along the edge of a small nameplate on the side of the ship, the word "Melian" clearly readable on the plaque.

It's been over a year since I last flew the Melian. I've been keeping it in Couster for the last year, just to keep it safe. Today I moved it back here to Duripant, where I started my journey as a capsuleer over a year ago in mid-June. Every graduate from the capsuleer training program was given one as a gift... hence its name: "Dear Gift." I've treasured this ship, like all of the others from my early days. And now that I'm moving on from the Accord, to my new Family... I'm closing one chapter of my life, and starting a new one.

Morwen smiles again, her fingertips idly tracing the lettering on the nameplate as she continues.

But it's impossible to bury the past, to leave it behind you permanently. It's part of you, it changes who you are, changes who you can and will be. This is where I started my journey, and what I started it with... and so I will leave the Melian here, so that it may serve as a bookmark of sorts to that part of my life, for whenever I want to remember and revisit it.

A soft pinging noise suddenly starts from somewhere behind the camera drone, causing Morwen to look over. She blinks, then walks over to the source of the noise -- her datapad -- the camera drone panning and refocusing to follow her as she moves. She picks it up and reads it, then smiles a little, shrugging to herself.

Looks like I'm being called back for a roam... I'll just barely be able to make it on time if I hurry.

Morwen laughs a little to herself as she pockets the datapad and walks over to the drone, grabbing it carefully and fiddling with the controls once more, her expression not doing much to hide how unfamiliar she is with the drone's systems.

Now how am I supposed to turn this thing off again? Maybe this switch is the ri--

The video and audio feeds cut out.

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