Sunday, November 22

Private Log Entry, 22.11.111

Morwen's voice has hints of a slightly artificial component to it as she speaks; a trained ear would be able to pick it out as being the caused by a capsule interface, which would mean that she is currently wired in and her ship is idling.

In just a short while, I compete in the latest iteration of Inara's "DeadSpace" games. Last time, the fight was between Elysa and Fear in a Caracal and a Thorax, respectively... this time, it's me against Seriphyn Inhonores, in advanced frigates of our choosing.

I've spent some time studying Seriphyn's combat records, and while it definitely looks like he prefers Ishkurs and Taranis, he's flown an Enyo at least once, and I recall hearing something about him flying a Jaguar once as well. To be honest, in a simple duel such as this, I would fully expect him to bring an Ishkur, and if everything goes as planned and I don't screw up, bringing one will be his only fighting chance.

Reppy and I spent the entire morning looking over my ship and plans; I think I like what she came up with better than what I'd been working with last night when she showed up in my hangar. I have to admit I was rather surprised -- I'd never have expected her to know anything about actual capsuleer combat, but she's been rather full of surprises lately, and just looking at things in the diagnostic tool, this should work much much better.

That all said... I honestly am genuinely concerned about the outcome of this duel. So many people seem to think that it's a sure thing that I'll win in the end -- I really don't think it is, if Seriphyn plays smart. He's right in what he said on the IGS, that most of my solo work has been against pilots that really just did not know what they were doing. I've had a few exceptions, but... still, he's right. My experience primarily lies in working in a group and chewing through a target with overwhelming force and numbers, whereas his experience has been focused in smaller engagements with the Caldari militia.

On an entirely different subject, it's been seven weeks -- at least, I think it's been seven weeks, it's been so long I think I'm losing track -- since I last saw Lilly. Three since she disappeared entirely; nobody has seen her since, not Reimei, not any of her staff... and she's not been in her office or on any of her ships, not even the Longinus... Reimei gave me a comm frequency to try listening to, but I've been listening for days now, and heard nothing... nothing at all save the occasional burst of static or interference. It's just... silent.

She sighs softly, then continues.

I hope she's okay, I really do... she wouldn't have just disappeared like this without a reason, and she wouldn't have done it willingly, I just know she wouldn't have left unannounced like that. It isn't her, even though nobody seems to believe me... I just want her to be safe, to come home.

A pause.

Well, there's the call from Inara. Time to get this show on the road.

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